E-mail marketing project


Project Manager, Senior Developer


To create a marketing tool for an international brand allowing them to create personalized e-mails based on data collected through an Augmented Reality application.


Client/server solution utilizing both Unity3D WWWForm (client side) and PHP+MySQL on the server side to capture data + screenshot from Unity which was then sent to the server. This was then processed to allow for the preparation of a personalized e-mail. This was the enhanced with the ability to share your experience via Twitter and Facebook.


The solution has been used during a national promotion of the a new service being offered by one of the largest service provider’s in the UK.


Secure connection to the server, uploading photos and personalized data to the server. Server side usage written from the scratch form validation , request authentication, building custom headers by blending different images,
using PHPMailer to send e-mails to users, optimizing e-mail to work with both mobile and desktop e-mail clients.


Tools: Unity (client side), PHP, MySQL (server side).