Fancy Music Player


Project Manager, Senior Developer


The purpose of the project was to create a mobile jukebox produced to support a product launch campaign.
The application had to be easy to use whilst maintaining a wide range of requested features. The main obstacles the app had to overcome was lack of internet access and its need to be designed for global use. These had to be surmounted whilst providing complete access to the musical database.


The app was created as requested using the Unity3D engine, with all the GUI implementation performed utilising NGUI to ensure mobile optimization. The app was designed to require only an initial connection to the internet to allow for the download of the supplied music form a server. The server side of the software was implemented to allow enumeration ofall the music uploaded to enable the creation of a file with URL’s to all songs together with MD5 hashes for validation purposes.


The app was tested together with client and was approved successfully.


Music player module, visual equalizer, ability to change volume, top 10 songs per tablet, ability to download music from the server and validate within the app (after downloading).
Animated banner to promote brand moving with the music.


Unity3D, NGUI, HOTween (client side) , PHP, MySQL (server side)


Fancy music player 1
Fancy music player 1
Fancy music player 2
Fancy music player 2
Fancy music player 3
Fancy music player 3