Off-line mapping


Project Manager, Senior Developer


To create mapping solution, which would allows the accessing of OpenStreet Maps in an off-line mode.


The cross-platform app has been created in Unity3D. The app allows the user to pre-download compressed sets off data directly from a server, when the internet is available. This then allows the user to use the map in rural locations that have no connectivity. To prevent the need for a download and to increase flexibility – the app downloads the data in XML format, parses it and then renders the maps directly to the device.


The app was very successful and the client wants to extend the product by implementing other features.


Ability to use OpenStreet Maps in both on-line and off-line modes. Ability to download predefined set of data for later use when there is no internet connectivity.


Unity3D, OpenStreet Maps.


Off-line mapping 1
Off-line mapping 1
Off-line mapping 2
Off-line mapping 2
Off-line mapping 3
Off-line mapping 3