Shooty Fruity

A cascading fruit game where manual dexterity and mental agility come to the fore. Tool: Unity3D, NGUI.

Off-line mapping

The cross-platform application utilizing OpenStreet maps. Tools: Unity3D, OpenStreet Maps.

Virtual wardrobe

A product configurator for the client’s website allowing for complete interaction with a 3D model of their product. Tools: Unity.

Virtual pet

An amusing app which will allow you to rear an intelligent, evolving and affectionate virtual companion. Tools: Unity, NGUI, HOTween, Mecanim.

Coffee Machine AR

An AR app to act as a sales to to demonstrate the finished installation of product. Tools: Unity3D, Vuforia.

E-mail marketing project

Client/server solution utilizing both Unity3D WWWForm (client side) and PHP+MySQL on the server side . Tools: Unity (client side), PHP, MySQL (server side).