Project Manager, Senior Developer


Create an AR application as an extension of Shelfield Community College Prospectus


An app to entice potential students to choose the college. To do that the app was divided into three parts – videos about the college, animated models and 6 simple games. All parts were designed to get the students, as well as the parents, attention.


The app was presented on Shelfield Community College open day for parents – was very successful and it received a lot of complimentary coverage. Parents loved the solution and I received very positive feedback. As a result the school are pursuing uses of AR in teaching within the school curriculum. I continue to advise and produce solutions for them.


Using AR markers to trigger videos, NonAR games and to view 3d animated models. Tracking marker to play bowling game and different mazegames, implemented Google map support, contact page and high score.


Unity3D, Vuforia, Prime31 plugins


SCA.AR - Main menu
SCA.AR – Main menu
SCA.AR - biplane
SCA.AR – biplane
SCA.AR - Bowling game
SCA.AR – Bowling game