Strata Homes


Project Manager, Senior Developer


Create an AR to enhance sales and marketing for national home builder.


The app was designed to be an iPad based sales tool. It allowed for the user to view a 3d model of the site of their choice. Once within the site they could highlight houses based on availability or house type. Once selected the user could view the particular house type in greater detail based in its actual plot. Each individual floor plan could also be viewed in 3D with show house decoration and furniture. House/floor plan information could be displayed but more importantly this information retains a dynamic link with the client allowing this data to be modified and updated at any time. Client CMS for dynamic update of app.


This is the first phase of a long term development plan with this client.


Using AR markers to trigger app. Dynamic update of data. Ability to release models from marker allowing for pinch/zoom functionality. Future proofed to allow for expansion to incorporate further development of site.


Unity3D, Vuforia, NGUI, HOTWeen, Prime31 plugins, PHP, MySQL.


Strata Homes 1
Strata Homes 1
Strata Homes 2
Strata Homes 2
Strata Homes 3
Strata Homes 3