Virtual pet


Project Manager, Senior Developer


To create an amusing app which will allow you to rear an intelligent, evolving and affectionate virtual companion on the mobile platform.


The game in development allows for the creation of a 3D pet which can exist both in the virtual world and also in a mixed reality environment through Augmented Reality enhancement. Each character who be highly customisable through both appearance and behaviour. This allows for the user to create a high level of emotional connection with their pet. Engagement is enhanced by allowing the user to interact with their character to teach them abilities. This is achieved through sub games which reinforce the connection with the character. The added ability of being able to add custom made audio dialogue to your character extends the level of customisation available to the user and ensures the unique feel of the character. Augmented reality provides the user with the ability to integrate their character into the real world for fun and social media photo opportunities.


This is currently in development.


High level of visual customisation. Mini games within the game. Ability to add custom dialogue. Ability to mould character personality. Augmented reality enhancement. Full integration of social media connectivity.


Platforms: iOS, Android. Tools: Unity, NGUI, HOTween, Mecanim.


Virtual pet 1
Virtual pet 1
Virtual pet 2
Virtual pet 2
Virtual pet 3
Virtual pet 3