Virtual wardrobe


Project Manager, Senior Developer


To built a product configurator for the client’s website allowing for complete interaction with a 3D model of their product.


The product was designed and built in Unity3D and then later converted to javascript to work with three.js library. The architecture was implemented to fulfil one of the client’s most important wishes that they product would require no user download for full functionality. We thus deigned the configurator to not require any plugins to run (flash player, unity webplayer etc.).


The client was satisfied and they are currently using the solution on their website.


Ability to create your own wardrobe, by selecting elements and moving them into highlighted locations. Change combinations of products, alter finishes and materials and present the users final selection as a photo-real virtual model.


Tools: Unity (later converted to WebGL (three.js)).


Virtual wardrobe 1
Virtual wardrobe 1
Virtual wardrobe 2
Virtual wardrobe 2
Virtual wardrobe 3
Virtual wardrobe 3