Kama Xcitra


Project Manager, Senior Developer


Create an application that extends the functionality of the age old Kama Sutra. By presenting 3D models based on 2d markers through Augmented Reality the aim was to bring this ancient book into the 21st century whilst providing a valuable additional instruction resource.


The creation of a hard copy book wherein the markers were designed to be intrinsic to the imagery but neither intrusive or obvious. Using tracking 3D models were triggered by the printed imagery revealing each position to the user. The ability to manipulate the model freely and customise added to both the usability and benefits of the product. The interface was designed to be easily negotiated and to mirror the look and feel of the book.


Helped to sell over 100 000 copies of the book.


Easily readable selection screen, model rotation, rotation speed bar, Facebook integration, Twitter integration, password protection, release model from the marker, change hair/skin and eye color, access iPod music, send text message, send e-mail.


Unity3D, Vuforia, NGUI, Prime31 plugins.


Kama Xcitra - Main screen
Kama Xcitra – Main screen
Kama Xcitra - Main screen
Kama Xcitra – Main screen