Zero Cases


Project Manager, Senior Developer


Create an application that will aid sales people to present their product catalogue in an innovative way that also adds value to the core business.


A demo app designed together with the client for testing purpose to present different cases using both AR and NonAR solution. The aim was to replace the need for printed catalogues by providing a dynamic solution that could be updated remotely and at a cost effective price. The app needed to present not only the entire catalogue but allow for a variety of finshes and also construction animations.


The app was used on exhibition in Paris with great success. The client wants to have full version of the app with extended functionality and additional models.


AR/NonAR mode, model rotation, AR tracking, swipe/pinch/zoom gesture implementation, exploding animation playing (forward/backward), change colour of the elements.


Unity3D, Vuforia


Zero Cases - Non AR
Zero Cases – Non AR
Zero Cases - AR version
Zero Cases – AR version
Zero Cases - AR version
Zero Cases – AR version